Tiki cocktail recipe: Rock and Ron

Tiki cocktail recipe: Rock and Ron

Tiki cocktail recipe: Rock and Ron b y Manu Llorens

Tiki cocktail recipe: “Rock & ron” is a cocktail creation by our collaborator Manu Llorens for the “III ruta del cóctel” cocktail route from Onda #Castellon organized by hosturionda. With Tabú rum premium, Manu together with his team of barmaids from Druida Bar&Drinks, prepares us this combination of “Tiki” line, sweet and fresh, which also has its version “mocktail”called “Rock without rum”. So, join the route, enjoy and win many prizes! #Teichennéroute.

Tiki cocktail recipe Rock and Ron:

  • 4cl Tabú rum Premium
  • 1cl Almond liqueur
  • 2cl Teichenné peach liqueur
  • 2cl Passion Fruit puree
  • 2cl orange juice handmade
  • 2cl raspberry puree handmade
  • 2 basil leaves

Tiki mocktail recipe Rock sin Ron:

  • 5cl peach “non-alcohol”
  • 4cl orange juice handmade
  • 2cl raspberry puree handmade
  • 2cl Passion Fruit puree
  • 2 basil leaves

Video-recipe How to make Rock and Ron

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