Teichenne Cocktail esencia de fogony

Level Gin Reserve

Esencia de “Fogony”

Teichenné cocktail

The “Fogony” or Föhn efect, is a warm wind from the north, that melt the snow very quick.


  • 4cl Level Gin Reserve
  • 2cl lime juice
  • 1cl Mango fruit puree
  • 1cl syrup of strawberry
  • 3cl “wind of Fogony” homemade (4cl pineapple juice, 1cl yuzu and 3 *Buzz Button Flowers)

*Buzz Button Flowers: When you bite this flower it gives the feeling of a discharge of a 9-volt battery, producing an electrical effect on the palate, it is considered an oral anesthetic and flavor enhancer. It is an edible flower not suitable for all palates.

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