Sweet cocktail with rum

Sweet cocktail with rum: Tiburón

Sweet cocktail with rum: Tiburón by Angela Albuixech

Tiburón is a sweet cocktail with rum made by our collaborator Angela Albuixech, prepared in Fibar Valladolid 2018 Fair. This cocktail can to be enjoy in “Vermutiki”, Angela’s cocktail bar, and is in honor of Jorge “Tiburón”, first class boxer from La Rioja. This sweet cocktail with rum is only for sweet lovers thanks to the contributions of our range Ultra Premium liqueurs.

Ingredients of cocktail Tiburón:

  • 3cl Ron Tabú Blanco (white)
  • 1,5cl Teichenné coconut liqueur
  • 1,5cl Teichenné melon liqueur
  • 1,5cl Teichenné butterscotch liqueur
  • top of seven-up

Shake all the ingredients, serve in a cognac cup or gintonic glass, and top of seven-up.