Sunset at the Beach Teichenné

Kinross Gin Tropical&Exotic Fruits

Sunset at the Beach

Sunset at the Beach – Teichenné cocktail by Álvaro Martín

Sunset at the beach cocktail – Our collaborator Álvaro Martín prepares us the Sunset at the Beach cocktail. It is a drink to enjoy a fabulous sunset on a paradisiacal beach like the ones we have on our shores.
Wrapped in a game of texture, aroma, character and vitamins to finish the afternoon with force, and with exotic touches to start the night thanks to Kinross Gin Tropical&Exotic Fruits.


  • 5cl Kinross Gin Tropical&Exotic Fruits
  • 2cl Schnapps Vanilla
  • 8cl puree of pear, melon and jasmine tea
  • 1cl egg white

Preparation of Sunset at the Beach: Puree: Beat a pear, half a slice of melon and a cup of Jasmine tea with 2 envelopes of cane sugar. “Shake” all the ingredients and serve in a glass.
Garnish: decorate and perfume with twist of pear, slice of pear and grated giant coffee on top.

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