Shackleton Mixology Teichenné

Level Gin Reserve

Shackleton mixology

Shackleton mixology – Teichenné cocktail by Alvaro Martin

Shackleton mixology cocktail – Our collaborator Alvaro Martin prepares us the cocktail Shackleton mixology. When he was began his expedition to discover the South Pole, Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton ordered a drink based on his two favorite drinks, Gin and Brandy ….
Today, 108 years after that feat, we reinvent that drink in honor of the glorious explorer with our Level Gin Reserve, aged in Brandy casks, the Cherry Brandy Liqueur and the Puree of Passion Fruit. Surely Sir Shackleton and Captain Scott would be delighted to prove it.


  • 5cl Level Gin Reserve
  • 2cl Cherry Brandy Liqueur
  • 1cl Puree of Passion Fruit
  • Top of tonicwater

Preparation of Shackleton mixology: “Shake” all the ingredients, with a lot of ice, and serve in gintonic glass.
Garnish: Dehydrated orange, 1 orange twist and 2 Myristica petals.

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