Sambucus hot Teichenné cocktail

Level Gin Premium

Sambucus Hot Teichenné cocktail

Sambucus Hot – Teichenné cocktail by Jigger Bartenders

Our collaborators Jigger Bartenders prepare us the Sambucus Hot cocktail. A creation, with Level Gin Premium, our most awarded gin and our Elderflower Liqueur. A fresh cocktail where the fruit physalis, originating in South America, has a prominent role, highlighting its excellent nutritional qualities. Rounded with a touch of turmeric, plant with multiple medicinal properties.
A cocktail that will surely surprise you.


  • 6cl Elderflower Liqueur
  • 3cl Level Gin Premium
  • 6cl natural mandarin juice
  • 6cl natural physalis juice
  • turmeric

Preparation of Sambucus Hot: “Shake” all the ingredients, strain and serve in tall conical cup.
Garnish: Physalis with violet flower.

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