Refreshing cocktail with gin

Refreshing cocktail with gin Level Reserve

The Cenachero – refreshing cocktail with Level Gin Reserve

Our collaborator Alvaro Martín show us how to make a refreshing cocktail with gin. The “cenachero”, that gives name to the cocktail, is the fisherman that in his basket case or “espuerta” of “esparto” carries the fresh fish that proclaims by the streets, making their baskets case dance. a trade that already disappeared. The “cenachero” is, with the “biznaga” or “boquerón”, a popular symbol of the Andalusian city of Malaga, Spain. Source information: Wikipedia
This refreshing cocktail for summer having as base, our award-winning Level Gin Reserve, accompanied by elderflower schnapps, orange blossom, ginger, orchid and a touch of agave.

How to make a refreshing cocktail: el Cenachero

Refreshing cocktail recipe:

  • 5cl Level Gin Reserve
  • 2cl Schnapps Elderflower
  • 1cl Ginger syrup
  • 1cl Orchid syrup
  • 3 drops of orange blossom
  • Top of agave syrup

Preparation of refreshing cocktail: Shake all the ingredients with lots of crushed ice and serve it in a cup with ice and add top of tonicwater.
Garnish: decorate with dehydrated orange and dehydrated ginger.

The Cenachero is part of our refreshing cocktail series for the summer.
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