Rapsodia mediterranea cocktail by Teichenne

Level Gin Reserve

Rapsodia Mediterranea cocktail

Rapsodia Mediterranea – Teichenné cocktail by Toni Cortés

Rapsodia Mediterranea – Our collaborator Toni Cortés prepares us this cocktail inspired by ancient Greece, where they recited small poetic fragments called Rhapsody. Combine flavors from our Mediterranean fringe, using our most awarded gin, Level Gin Reserve and the Grapefruit liqueur. With a touch of ginger and a homemade syrup of cherry, vanilla and cassia. Spectacular cocktail prepared in Candil Bar&Drinks from Benicarló.


  • 5cl Level Gin Reserve
  • 2cl Grapefruit Liqueur
  • 3cl arbutus Umeshu homemade
  • 1,5cl Syrup of cherry, vanilla and cassia
  • Coffee to cool the glass

Preparation of Rapsodia Mediterranea: cool the glass with coffe and ice. “hard shake” all the ingredients. Remove the coffee from the glass and pour the mixture with double strainer.
Garnish: decorate with lime and cassia.

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