Melonet cocktail receta Teichenné

Tabú white rum

Melonet cocktail

Melonet Cocktail – Teichenné

Our partner Manu Llorens prepares us the Melonet cocktail. A sweet cocktail, with Tabú white Rum, with melon syrups (hence the name) and the sanguine (blood) orange, a variety of orange (Citrus × sinensis) with dark red meat, similar to raspberry juice. The degree of this coloration depends mainly on strong temperature changes between day and night, as well as the variety. And with our awarded Elderflower Liqueur. Refreshing, sweet and with a very unique presentation. Remember that you can enjoy this cocktail at the Druida Bar&Drinks.


  • 5cl Tabú white rum
  • 1,5cl melon syrup
  • 0,5cl blood orange syrup
  • 2cl blood orange juice
  • 2cl lime juice
  • 2cl Elderflower Liqueur

Preparation of Melonet cocktail: “shake” all the ingredients and serve in glass pitcher with crushed ice.

Garnish: put a slice of dehydrated blood orange on the top of the cocktail.

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