Cocktail with elderflower

Kinross Gin Citric&Dry

Cocktail with elderflower and pistachio: Bobby Logan

Cocktail with elderflower Bobby Logan by Alvaro Martín

Our collaborator Alvaro Martín prepares us this cocktail with elderflower and pistachio which is inspired by the aviator who traveled the world several times looking for the best temple for fun, good taste and mixology. Until he reached the exact spot where he found his comfort zone. He used to go out to live new experiences, although he always returned. It is there, from that fantastic secret place where, with his cocktail with Kinross Gin Citric&Dry, cocktail with elderflower and pistachio, was planning his new adventure.


  • 5cl Kinross Gin Citric&Dry
  • 2cl schnapps elderflower
  • 1cl Pistachio syrup
  • 1 ounce of sugar
  • 1cl egg white

Preparation of Bobby Logan: “shake” strongly all the ingredients and serve the cocktail in a cup with tonic water until the top.
Garnish: dehydrated orange and Persian roses.

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