Classic cocktail: Long Island Ice tea by Teichenné

Classic cocktail: Long Island Ice tea

Classic cocktail: Long Island Ice tea by Alvaro Martín

Classic cocktail made by our collaborator Alvaro Martin, Long Island Ice tea. This famous cocktail of the 70s, was created by a Barman named Robert in New York City. Over the years it has been a little forgotten, and currently is at the forefront of cocktails as almost all classics. The classics always come back.

Alvaro Martin prepares it with our Level Gin Tridistilled, Tabú rum and Mezcal. #TeichennéFamily

Classic cocktail recipe:

  • 1cl Level Gin Tridistilled
  • 1cl Tabú rum Premium
  • 1cl Mezcal Machetazo
  • 1cl Triple Sec liqueur
  • 1cl Vodka Karlova
  • 1 Flower sugar bar spoon
  • top of cola

Preparation of cocktail: In a blender with crushed ice, add all the ingredients. Beat until it is like slushie and serve in a gintonic glass adding a little of cola refresh. Decorate with dehydrated lime.

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