Apple Martini Teichenné

Level Gin Premium

Apple Martini de Level Gin Premium

Apple Martini – Teichenné cocktail

The classic Apple Martini cocktail. A version of this classic, with Level Gin Premium, our most awarded gin. This version of the Apple martini is an adventure of the author to fully explore the wonderful nuances of Level Gin Premium, a purpose that unites the classic, the subtle and the daring.
It is a question of making “to fly” the cocktail to Asian-style, with the acid green apple juice and, bravely, for finish giving it a distinctive note with the Wasabi. An unforgettable trip.


  • 5cl Level Gin Premium
  • 2cl red Vermouth Olave
  • 1cl acid green apple juice
  • 1cl Jasmine syrup
  • Wasabi Striped

Preparation of Apple Martini: add all the ingredients in mixing glass and serve in cocktail glass.

Garnish: Slice of green apple and lemon thyme.

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