Mezcal Machetazo Papalote Teichenné


70cl. 40%Vol.

Tasting notes: Mezcal Machetazo Papalote

Aroma: The first impression is dominated by a subtle damp earth
and river rocks aroma. logo_machetazoWe can also find sweet aromas of freshly cut leaves, ending with a discreet but strong finish with a touch of cooked agave.
Colour: Crystal-clear, with silvery sparkles, without sediments.
Palate: A deliberate balance in the alcohol level is sensed on the mouth, intentionally and successfully driven. Machetazo is lingering and silky; the Agave’s herbal and citric flavours stand
out, while the aftertaste presents the river rock as the hint that creates a long and smooth finish.

Data Sheet:

Master mescal maker: José Morales Uribe
State in which is produced: Guerrero
Town: Mochitlán
Height: 1.050 metres
Category: Mezcal Machetazo Papalote
Mescal type: Young
Agave type: Cupreata/Papalote
Production process: 100% hand-crafted
Oven type: Earth oven
Type of milling: Stone mill
Fermentation: In wooden barrels
Distillation: Copper still
Amount of distillations: Two
Net alcohol content: 40%
Net Content: 700mL


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