Almond liqueur Teichenné


70cl. 20%Vol.

Almond Liqueur Teichenné

Almond Liqueur – The new “Teichenne Liqueurs” have an objective to access the best cocktail bars in the world. It want be present in the best locals in each country and delight the palates of the most demanding bartenders.
Simplicity, elegance and flavor quality make any consumer can taste the unmixed, just adding some ice. The possibilities are vast, every consumer and professionals they will find on Teichenné Liquors all they need to meet their highest expectations. Almond Liqueur Teichenné.

Tasting notes:

Appearance: Light brown in colour with golden iridescence. A bright, transparent liquid.

Aroma: Intense aroma of almonds with subtle bitter notes.

Taste and texture: Intense flavour, tasty in the mouth. Well-structured. It displays sweet notes that go perfectly with the bitter notes of the almonds.


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