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I introduce myself as a bartender and a partner of Teichenné. My role is to help, create, and propose different ways of using the products. And thus, shape and evolve the scope of mixology.

Santi Ortiz interview – #TeichennéFamily

Santi Ortiz is a bartender and a partner of Teichenné. His role is to help, create, and propose different ways of using the products. And thus, shape and evolve the scope of mixology. Interview on 02.02.2015


How has your career in mixology been?
It has been a path full of stories, each of which has brought that grain of sand enabling me to be who I am now. I have had a lot of rough times, good times and unforgettable times that thanks to which I continue enjoying this world and what surrounds it.

Who have been the most influential people in your career?
For me, everyone with whom I have been able to share time. They have been the influence in my career, since they all have shown me something that I have been able to grow and learn from.

What sets you apart from other professionals in the field?
I think we are all different, I don’t know… I am not very good at finding what sets me apart from others, but I think my style and way of being could be something that makes me different.

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How you see mixology in Spain and in the world?
Mixology in Spain is becoming a point of reference, but we are still far from becoming a major mecca of this world, like the USA or the UK, but we are being bold since everyone is making an effort, we will achieve the highest of levels in this profession.

A city
Barcelona with thousands of tucked-away spots that will make it possible to have the best memories and experience that this city transmits.

An establishment to recommend
Of course, and obviously, Bobby Gin, hehehe… a great place where we will not stop surprising you and give you an experience to remember. But there are also establishments like Dandelyan at the Mondrian Hotel in London and White Layan, also in London, that left me with a good taste in my mouth, since they have a different way of seeing the world of mixology, lending us a new concept that I think will mark a decade.

What bartender would you deem sharing a bar with an unforgettable experience?
With anyone who respects, appreciates, enjoys and admires this profession.

How did you get to know Teichenné?
I got to know them a long time ago through their unmistakable schnapps.

Which of Teichenné’s products seduced you most?
What I like most about Teichenné is their broad range of liquors and, of course, their gins.

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Your favourite cocktail?
I do not have a favourite cocktail, since I believe that every cocktail has its moment, but if I had to choose a few, I usually order Old Fashion, Boulevardier, Dry martini, Gimlet and Sazerac. And since we are on the subject, I recommend a different cocktail, something fruity but with lots of character and personality.

Malt Velvet
40 ml of Whisky
20 ml of Teichenné Blackberry Schnapps
15 ml of Teichenné elderflower liquor.
3 dashes of chocolate bitters
Way of preparing: Chilled.
Type of glass: Cocktail or similar.
Garnish: a blackberry

Enjoy it.

When you represent a brand or company, what values should it have?
It needs to transmit its passion. So that you feel like it is your brand, something that you experience, enjoy and that it be like family where you can contribute, and they, in turn, will contribute new feelings. The values would be: Professionalism, responsibility, respect, freedom, and cooperation for achieving the same goal.

What are your hopes for the future?
To continue learning and enjoying like a child behind a bar. But, more seriously, to be able to build my own establishment where I can host and serve everyone.

And finally, what advice would you give to young people who start working in this sector?
Advice there is aplenty, but the most important is to be humble, professional and willing to learn.

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