Pepe Orts – Botanical mixologist -
New member

Pepe Orts – Botanical mixologist -

Botanical mixologist

Trainer, prescriber and promoter of events related to the cocktail world. He is also a consultant for companies. Passionate of the world of botany, applied in the cocktail industry.

Pepe Orts – Interview by Teichenné

Pepe Orts, new member of TeichennéFamily. In the interview, Pepe, gives us his opinion on the cocktail industry, and his passionate relationship with botanists applied to the world of cocktails.

Interview with Pepe Orts:

How would you introduce yourself?
I’m a Botanical mixologist.
This is how I like to be known and recognised. Although my relationship with mixology started quite recently, it is true that I have a family connection with the world of plants and, since I started in the mixology world, botanicals, citrus, vegetable condiments, flower plants, and fruits have and will be part of my way of seeing mixology.

I am like a chef who does not know how to cook without spices. I cannot imagine a cocktail without some botanical improvement.

Pepe Orts TeichennéFamily

What is your current job?
I am currently combining my work as a trainer, opinion leader, and facilitator of events that relate to cocktails. I am also a consultant for companies that want to add quality drinks to their offer, which forces me to do a creative work, and that is what I like most. Developing a drink from scratch, with an empty mind and with ideas open to any possibility, is something that excites me.

Overall, How do you see the cocktail industry?
I now see that mixology is orphaned of a revolution and too tied to its roots and other golden ages.
There is too much reversion to classics, too many proposals based on Speakeasies, vintage aesthetics, and too much dependence on 20th century mixology, forgetting that the new century will ask for new formulas for increasingly demanding customers with more and more cocktail culture.

In my opinion, a world-wide revolution in the bartending world, similar to the one that took place in the 90’s kitchen with Ferran Adriá, is pending.

It is true that to have an Adriá happening again is impossible but, sooner or later, a similar genius will arise in mixology that will put us all upside down.
The good news is that there are many top level mixologists in Spain and I believe that, as we did in cooking, we will also take the lead worldwide in cocktail making. And I, in particular, will love to be there to enjoy that moment.

Pepe Orts Teichenné Family

How did you discover Teichenné?
I met Teichenné in the many mixology events throughout Spain and also throughout Europe where we were both present at the same time. I always thought that it had a very consistent, high-level product portfolio. Since I’ve known of Level Gin I loved it as a truly honest Gin, and when I discovered its “Reserve” version, I understood how a distillate can evolve without losing its essence, beyond unimaginable limits.
I love working with such high quality products.

Welcome to TeichennéFamily Pepe Orts!

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