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Jaime Bernabe Manzanares runs the Auracafe, a place located in the Murcian town of Puente Tocinos, which has three fundamental pillars: quality, service and cocktails.

Jaime Bernabe – Perfil y presentación – #TeichennéFamily

Jaime Bernabe collaborated with us in the cocktail fair Fibar Valladolid 2017. We were captivated by their professionalism and commitment, and their cocktails, fof course. That’s why we did not even think about it, it meet all the requirements to be part of the TeichennéFamily, and that’s how this fantastic collaboration began.

Jaime Bernabe Manzanares runs the Auracafe, a place located in the Murcian town of Puente Tocinos, which has three fundamental pillars: quality, service and cocktails.

It was an honour for us to share experience of Fibar with you, but.. ¿Who is Jaime Bernabe?
It was also an honour, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for inviting me to join you, share some drinks with the great colleagues and professionals at fibar, and get to know the Teichenne family first hand.

My name is Jaime Bernabe Manzanares and I started in the hospitality world on March 15, 2007, in Puente Tocinos, Múrcia. I had no experience or knowledge of the industry. Due to the amount of venues that existed in the area I decided to bet on quality, service, and mixology, as those values were not being offered at the rest of the establishments, and this would help me stand out from the crowd. A month before the opening of Auracafe, a coincidence made someone with extensive experience in cocktails to cross my path. He taught me the basic use of utensils, and helped me make my first list of drinks. From then on, I became interested in mixology, which later turned into my passion.
jaime bernabe
Eleven years later we are still running Auracafe, learning every day with our colleagues, sharing and trying to offer the best of ourselves to our customers. Currently, I combine several activities such as the management of Auracafe,”Aura Cocktail” which is another mixology line we have created for events and brand presentations, and I’m a mixology trainer at the Murcia Hospitality School, CCT MURCIA (Murcia Tourism Qualification Centre)

I found Teichenné through Cristobal Mateos, National Sales Manager and delegate in the Murcia area. A great professional and a better person.
The products I like the most are Level Gin and Level Gin Reserve.

Welcome Jaime!! #TeichennéFamily

Check the first recipe of Jaime Bernabe: Fresh cocktail with mezcal and coffe: Tex-Mex

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