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BARTENDER / ENTREPRENEUR I introduce myself as a Teichenné partner, specifically in the Cocktail Test department, where we develop new products and test the existing ones, always using mixology as a reference.

How has your career in mixology gone?
I can say, and I feel very proud of it, my career has been a constant improvement, continuously taking on more challenges and picking up new skills, taking steps forward and also taking a few backward to give myself a boost  when I felt I needed to. What I mean is that I see this profession as a long-distance path where experience adds wisdom to your professional profile and provides you with value.

How you see mixology in Spain and in the world?
I think that the mixology boom is an irrefutable reality that has exploded before our eyes. Of course it has taken place in each country and in each city according to their respective level of development. I also see that the concept of “mixology” increasingly falls short as something standardized and that more and more we need to talk about “mixologies” as different branches of the same thing, since the differences in the scenarios, work, productions, concepts, etc. have broadened the range of options available to customers when it comes time to choose a cocktail to drink.

Which bar in the world that you have already worked in has had the greatest positive impact on you?
Despite the risk of sounding too obvious, I will say that each bar I have served or have been served a drink has had an influence on the professional that I am today, however, perhaps Bobby Gin, because of the degree of commitment involved in guiding clients in their choice, assumes an exercise in pushing oneself that is particularly enriching.

Which place in the world do you like the most?
To me, the most influential place in the world right now is definitely Nightjar in London. I think that even though it is a very well-known place, on an international level its role in writing a page of the great history of our profession has not yet been fully appreciated.

Which bartender, in your opinion, would working with be an unforgettable experience?
With anyone who is clean, fast, a good colleague, has charisma, humility and something to teach.

Which of Teichenné’s products seduced you most?
The new line of liquors will be a great bet for the brand given its innovation and specialization, with flavours like ginger, violet and elderflower. Apart from this, the genius creations that their master distiller is producing will be released over the next few months.

What cocktail has surprised you recently?

The Awaited:

  • 5cl Gin
  • 2cl agave syrup
  • 3cl citrus juice (lemon, lime and white grapefruit)
  • 1,5 cl. Teichenné Violet liqueur

Shaken and served in a cocktail glass. It’s a very refreshing and easy to drink cocktail, it was very successful during Cocktail Week in the Canary Islands.

When you represent a brand or a company, what values should it have?
Besides the company’s own policy or strategy, what really matters to me is that the product be of high quality and that I feel comfortable working with it. It would be very difficult for me to defend a product I do not believe in.

What is your dream five years from now?
I think that there is still a lot do in this industry, I am talking about opportunities that have not yet been created, like, for example, the inclusion of the cocktail in the world of art or photography.

God Save The Gin,

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