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Gama Pure de Fruta Teichenné

New range: Fruit Puree!

A new range of fruit puree!

Aiming to continue innovating and producing a comprehensive supply in the world of mixology, today we bring to you our new line of Teichenné fruit purees. It is a high quality product designed to make the bartender’s job as easy as possible. Among it’s many advantages ….

  • We eliminated the prep work for the bartender.
  • We eliminated fruit’s seasonality, providing the same fruit all year long.
  • Great cost savings for cocktails
  • We eliminated decreases in fruit availability.
  • A two-year shelf life when sealed.
  • Once unsealed, it lasts for three months in refrigerated conditions.
  • Bottle with clean anti-drip system.
  • Perfect density for mixology work.