Strawberry Daiquiri Flash by Marina Canales via Teichenné

Strawberry Daiquiri: Flash (Fibar Valladolid 2017)

Our collaborator Marina Canales from the Gravy’s cocktail bar in Villena (Alicante) prepares us her version of Strawberry Daiquiri called Flash! She used premium Tabú rum, cherry brandy liqueur, strawberry refreshing drink, liquid smoke and lemon juice. She was prepare this cocktail at International cocktail fair Fibar Valladolid 2017. A fresh cocktail and flavourful, perfect for any time of day. It’s a version of de famous cocktail Starwberry Daiquiri, with a touch of smoke and aged that’s give us our awarded premium Tabú rum. Marina Canales is barmaid at Gravy’s cocktail bar, that was born in 1979, and currently, keep the culture of an iconic era: Funky sound and Disco look.

GRAVY’s is a place for (re)discover the music, but also Mixological, combining its scientific conception with our artistic vision.

Strawberry Daiquiri Flash recipe:

  • 5cl premium Tabú rum
  • 2,5cl lemon juice
  • 1,5cl cherry brandy liqueur
  • 1cl refreshing drink of strawberry
  • 1 drop of liquid smoke

Garnish: lemon peel.

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