How to make Arraps of Canyamel by Teichenné

Arraps of Canyamel – Video recipe

How to make Arraps of Canyamel – Our collaborator Manu Llorens, in Ruta del cóctel event, organized by Hosturionda​, in collaboration with the Ayuntamiento de Onda, prepares us this “tropical” cocktail. The barmaids of DRUida bar&drinks​ show us how to make Arraps of Canyamel, with Kinross Gin Tropical&Exotic Fruits, Grapefruit Liqueur, Mango, lime and pineapple syrup. #TeichennéFamily

Manu Llorens, representative of Hosturionda, highlighted the great variety of proposals this year, that “range from the appetizer, digestive cocktails and even refreshing, that’s, cocktails to drink before eating, after or at night.” The event will last from 9 to 25 June.