Gintonic Level Gin with cryo-infusion

Gintonic Level Gin with cryo-infusión technique

Manu Llorens Porcar prepares us a gin and tonic Level and discovers us the secrets of this technique. The Cryo-infusion, basically, is a system of extracting flavors, with the advantage of not heating the ingredients, but quite the opposite (the infusion = 80º, the Cryo-infusion = -80º, and dry ice is used for the process) so we can to respect the distillate and the properties and flavors of the infused ingredients, especially the citrus, since with the heat the aromas are volatilized, thus becoming the best system of extracting flavors quickly.
Manu describes it as: “A surprise that we want to show first olfactory, and gustative after, achieving a perfect relationship of the two senses.”

Route of Gin of Hosturionda

This gintonic is part of the fourth edition of #LoveTonic of Hosturionda, local association of hospitality industry and tourism of Onda, where 9 local will present their proposals based on the gintonic. The campaign lasts from February 24 to March 12. #Leveltonic is the proposal of gintonic of DRUida bar&drinks. So do not think about it and come to participate in #RutaDelGin in #Onda and taste this delicatessen.