Aviation Cocktail Maria Eugenia by David Kandinsky

Aviation cocktail Maria Eugenia

The great David Kandinsky prepares us a version of the Aviation cocktail called Maria Eugenia. He prepared it for us at the International Cocktail Fair Fibar Valladolid 2017 as a collaborator.

David Kandinsky, runner-up of the Asociación de Barmans Comunidad Valenciana and Murcia 2016, National runner-up 2016 in Gin Rutte of Fibar, winner of Glenfiddich Fusión Spain and winner of the famous challenge “World´s Most Experimental Bartender 2017” held in Scotland.

This version of aviation cocktail has Level Gin Reserve, grapefruit liqueur, squeezed lime and violet liqueur. ¡tasty! #happenedinFibar2017 #LevelGin

Recipe Maria Eugenia:
– 5cl Level Gin Reserve
– 2,5cl grapefruit liqueur
– 2,5cl squeezed lime
– Barspoon of violet liqueur