Aperitif cocktail negroni with mezcal: Preparado MeXXIcano

Aperitif cocktail: Preparado MeXXIcano by Angela Albuixech

Our collaborator Angela Albuixech from Vermutiki of Logroño prepares us a version of cocktail Negroni called Preparado MeXXIcano with mezcal, Olave red vermouth and bitter. She showed this cocktail at the international cocktail fair Fibar Valladolid 2017. A perfect aperitif cocktail for to building up an appetite with those smoky notes that mezcal gives us.

Angela Albuixech is barmaid and owner of Vermutiki from Logroño, specialized in cocktails with vermouth. This version of the Negroni cocktail has mezcal MeXXIco 100% agave as base distillate, red vermouth Olave and bitter, decorated with orange peel and a dehidrated orange. #IthappensinFibar2017 #mezcal #negroni

Preparado MeXXIcano recipe:

  • 3cl bitter
  • 6cl red vermouth Olave
  • 2cl mezcal MeXXIco 100% agave

Garnish: 1 dehidrated orange and 1 orange peel.

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