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New Teichenné product

Level Gin Reserve New Teichenné product, Launch on April 13th!

New Teichenné product Level Gin Reserve

We are pleased to present our latest novelty that we will launch from next April 13. This is the new Teichenné product Gin Level Reserve. It is our well known Gin Level, aged in a minimum of eight months in our barrels. The result is elegant and a soft gin, with a slight pale yellow tone extracted from the casks where we had aged brandy for decades in the history of Teichenné.

To elaborate Level Gin Reserve, we macerate our selection of botanists and perform three distillations. Once we get the cleanest and purest part of the last distillation we let the gin rest at least 8 months in our American oak barrels which have previously aged brandy for decades.

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