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Descubre la leyenda de Jungfrau

Discover the legend of Jungfrau

Jungfrau – Discover The Legend

The Jungfrau is the most dangerous of the swiss Bernese mountains. Renowned for inaccessibility, she earned the name “The Virgin” and all early attempts to climb Jungfrau failed. All, that is, until the expedition of the Meyer brothers who battled to the summit in 1811. Each carried a hip flask containig a secret recipe, an infusion of herbs and spices to sip for extra warmth.
Jungfrau Kräuter likör is inspired by this ancient mysterious blend.

Jungfrau Kräuter Likör: Designed to be enjoyed straight or as a cocktail base,  contains a carefully selected blend of more than 40 spices, herbs and their roots, fruits and their peels, and flowers. Aniseed, bitter orange and white turmeric are added to achieve the product’s unique taste and aroma.

Jungfrau Gold Edition: A cinnamon flavour liqueur with real edible gold leaf, perfect to luxury cocktails or glittering straight serves.